Our Bar, lounge and meeting place in the heart of Zurich.

The case 

The idea to create Resident came from a thought experiment to turn our ground floor into something more than a lobby for our co-workers and use the space to make something special. In Zurich’s Seefeld, a quarter known for living and working, Resident is a place where locals, visitors, artists, entrepreneurs and employees can withdraw, relax and enjoy everything we have to offer. A place where “business” has to stand in line, and where we bring together people. 

Our offer

The Bar & Lounge is the heart of resident. It’s a home-like interior, feel-good ambiance. A vibrant location for business and leisure with a comfortable setting and sunny outdoor terrace. The playground – A dim lit, private area for having fun, drinking fine wine, enjoying an old fashioned and having a getaway from your daily routine. And finally, a space for experiences, where we host keynotes, podium talks, private meetups and a host of our very own lively and dynamic gatherings. 

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Dufourstrasse 43, 8008 Zürich