Presenting our new branding: Why we changed name from Chainwork to Resilient.


In 2019, we opened Chainwork as a networking and coworking hub for the Swiss startup community. Within our first year we have had tremendous success in onboarding over a dozen ventures as part of our coworking operations, adding over 1,800 sqm of space, and hosting over 100 events. 


As we developed our core hub to become a productive resource center for small businesses and entrepreneurs, we started to look at other ways we could help our businesses. In our new mission we are doubling-down on bringing together people from all verticals to engage in exciting and intimate experiences. Our hub is a canvas to accelerate connections and friendships between like-minded people, and we want to do it in a way that reminds people we are not working for a living we are here to live!


To signal this focus, we have decided to rebrand Chainwork as resilient, a brand that moves away from our initial blockchain and coworking focus and reflects our mission of becoming a more vibrant platform for innovation-seekers. While still encompassing everything we have done until now. resilient paves the way for our team to consolidate ourselves as the business hub in Seefeld.


One of our first new business ventures is Resident, our Bar & Lounge. Joining as our sister brand, Resident accompanies the mission of Resilient by providing not only a bar and lounge but also a playground open to the public, where we can experiment with a series of events and concepts. Above all it will be an important support structure in the expansion of our new mission and keep in touch with our growing network. And to deliver our promise of making the journey of the different companies and pioneers that are part of our network as exciting and inspirational as possible.


Expect to hear a lot from us in the coming days. We hope to see you here soon, feel drop by for a coffee, or if you are interested in learning more about resilient and our other projects or specifically resident visit our pages and drop us a line. 




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