About us

We are passionate about sustainable business and fostering local ecosystems

Our management team brings together a mix of people from different decades. We are a group of serial entrepreneurs who enjoy the intersection of everything business and culture, with a mission of building strong communities and platforms.

Our story

How we got started

Here’s a quick version of our journey and how we got started, what keeps us moving forward and the people driving Resilent team

Getting started

Resilient (formerly Chainwork) is led by a group of entrepreneurs whose mission is to build new businesses. In 2019 we first opened Resilient as a Community Hub for the Swiss startup community

Our first year

Within its first year of operation, Resilient onboarded over a dozen ventures as part of its coworking operations, and added over 1,800 sqm of space to its growing operations

Becoming builders

Having created a strong connection to swiss innovation ecosystem, our management team decided to become more actively involved with the development of new concepts, and launched Resilient with a new mission of building our own businesses

Our ventures

We’ve supported some great people and projects


Pinkdog proposes to offer wet natural food that resembles steam-packed, vacuum-packed human food, making use of the manufacturing method known as retort pouch.


Etudecorporation™ is a us-based software company dedicated to the development and commercial distribution of its etudedigital™ core processing systems for financial service.


The bar & lounge is the heart of resident. it’s a home-like interior, feel-good ambiance. a vibrant location for business and leisure with a comfortable setting and sunny outdoor terrace.


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Our team

Meet our team

Nicolas Von Mühlenen

Member of strategic board

nicolas von mühlenen is an early stage investor and has helped build and manage 4 sme companies. altogether, nicolas holds over thirty years of experience in entrepreneurship. having built and successfully sold four of his six previous companies. all of these are still operating on the market. he combines expertise in strategic marketing and investing, with a focus on customer service and work ethic.

Alex Von Mühlenen

Member of strategic board

driven by his passion for innovation, alex started trading and investing in technology early in his career. after venturing into entrepreneurship and working on various start-ups, alex decided to focus his expertise in the field to turn the resilient ecosystem into reality.

his ambition goes beyond just launching another space – rather, he wanted to create a hub and enabler for innovation, a meeting place for the “digital leader” community and a new birthplace for innovation and technology.

Daniel Küng

Member of strategic board

entrepreneur by trade, daniel has been considered a leading proponent for swiss innovation as well as a gate-keeper and connector between switzerland and the world abroad. for over 15 years daniel has led the official swiss foreign trade organisation s-ge (switzerland global enterprise, formerly osec), active in 27 countries of the world. previously, he founded and co-founded companies in brazil and portugal and managed them successfully for almost 30 years. his network in business, politics and public administration spans all across the globe.

Philippe Küng

Member of the executive board

philippe has founded and led two successful tech-related ventures and was a co-founder of an agency which develops innovation strategies and digital products for start-ups. he exited in 2019, where he had his first investments and joined the resilient team. he has a proven tech experience and a vast start-up network, resulting from years of collaborating with start-ups, incubators and accelerators in switzerland. his passion is to help founders, and build innovative, profitable products and to successfully introduce them to the market.

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