Our partnership to create a modern

core engine for the insurance industry

The case

insurance industry increasingly relies on digital technology to develop products, assess claims, and—most importantly—provide customers with a satisfying experience. however, a startling number of application landscapes across the industry continue to rely on decades-old technologies. lack of change, leave large insurers with redundant systems that drive up cost of maintenance and stagnate new feature development.


The company

etudecorporation™ is a us-based software company dedicated to the development and commercial distribution of its etudedigital™ core processing systems for financial service. etudeinsure™ is the result of our partnership together, bringing both our companies together and a team of people with more than 30 years experience developing critical transaction systems to create a product for the insurance industry.


Our support

together with etudecorporation™, we are building etudeinsure™, preparing a next-generation containerized core processing system directed specifically for the insurance industry. delivering the most advanced real-time, event-driven processing engine for insurance and re-insurance™ companies worldwide. using this engine insurances and re-insurances will be able to benefit from a modern api architecture that allows them to become more flexible in integrating new business applications, optimizing and automating their processes to become more efficient and reduce the costs induced by their current systems.

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