How we helped Pinkdog build a platform

to explore the growing pet food trends

The case

In 2017, the pet care sector was worth r $ 18.9 billion (chf 3.75 billion) in brazil. while many segments slowed or even fell during the economic crisis, the petcare segment continued to show resilience and grew at around 10% yoy between 2013 and 2018. at time of writing, 2020, the brazilian pet industry holds status as one of the biggest pet markets in the world, second only to the usa, and is worth an estimated r $ 30 billion (chf 5.92 billion), with pet food, specifically dogs, representing a total 50% of its worth.


The company

Pinkdog proposes to offer wet natural food that resembles steam-packed, vacuum-packed human food, making use of the manufacturing method known as retort pouch – eliminating preservatives or artificial colorings, adding high nutritional value, and removing the need for refrigeration for the end consumer. In addition to the fact that pet natural wet food is a mass market trend, Pinkdog ends up adding all the benefits not achieved by its competitors, in addition to having the best food cost, from pet wet natural food.


Our support

To explore the growing pet food trends, we worked with Pinkdog to develop a direct-to-consumer brand and platform, built based on shopify. we supported the founders team in their vision to create a new brand of healthy “human-food” for pets. together, we built an mvp, validated their value proposition and using our network helped them expanded into one of the fastest growing markets in the world, brazil.

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