Work and play in a community of builders and creators

Resilient is Zurich’s new community space for entrepreneurs, artists, academics, executives and other types of creators and builders. A place to meet, exchange ideas, get work done, but also relax and have some fun. Our hub serves as a catalyst to accelerate connections between like-minded people, but also as a reminder that we are not only here to make a living but also to enjoy life as we do it. It is based on three different pillars.

One space – three pillars

Resilient co-working

We offer private offices as well as fix- and flex-desk co-working at our prime location in Seefeld. Take care of business in a tastefully appointed, modern infrastructure with excellent meeting facilities and a state-of-the-art event space – all at a reasonable price.

Resident bar & lounge

Our Bar & Lounge on the ground floor is a place to relax, enjoy a drink or a meal, read a book or chat with friends. We feature a small but creative menu of gourmet street food, a full bar, and an ongoing program of concerts and fun events in the evenings.

The R club

Join The R Club and resilient becomes your clubhouse and living room. Along with special perks and discounts at our space, you gain access to our exclusive members-only experiences and a vibrant community of shapers and creators, exploring the new ideas of tomorrow.

Flexible workspace

In today's environment, flexible workspace solutions are more important than ever.

Resilient is designed with the needs of today's mobile professionals in mind - with high-quality facilities and innovative on-demand options on full offices, desks, meeting rooms and event space.

Interesting people

Our hub is a meeting point for do-ers, dreamers, thinkers and creators.

Whether in the office, at the bar and lounge, one of our many events, or just hanging around, you are sure to meet like-minded and interesting people here.

Dynamic experiences

Our dynamic events are designed to bring people of diverse professions and backgrounds, together to share new experiences, make new connections and forge new bonds. Our motto is that life - including life at work - should also be fun.

Your living room away from home

We all have a lot on our plates these days. Resilient is meant to provide an oasis of calm in the storm, a place to relay body and mind, your own living room away from home.


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